JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 4


JK Yui-chan, a serious girl,
was finally squeezed by an uncle stick who was
entwined with her target serious niece, Yui-chan. I was exposed to the badness of the climax of the leak and I
reflected on the uncle’s stick as expected with the anger of my niece.
Yui gave up on the uncle’s stick while washing her dirty body in the bath, and
said, “Mu, Yui is a comforting thing for my uncle for the rest of my life …
” I’m not going to oppress you. ”

By the way, I don’t know about that, and Shiori-chan, a cheeky lotus leaf JK.
With the support of her Yui-chan, her exam was excellent.
I went to the uncle’s house to find out what I felt from the relief that was finally released … I looked around the dirty room of the widow, and it was like

this for a single man …
I don’t have it, but when I thought about taking care of it, I heard the sound of the shower.
In a room that should be a man alone, what is a shower when there is an uncle in front of me? I tried to check the shower room, but I
asked the uncle of Kabedon to go home early,
“Maybe I’m also a woman.”
I ended up …