Ma ga Ochiru Yoru episode 3


Cheris, whose virginity has been robbed by her nemesis Gilba, is further humiliated by the measures of Gilba’s genus Meety.
She was dressed in an overexposed and shameful Gothic petite costume, and she was the most despised animal-a jet-black demon princess exposed to humans.
She is manipulated by Meety’s technique, and Cheris is made to behave like a slut in front of humans.
Her human reason was upset by her nasty appearance, piercing her anus with her own tail, spreading her labia with her fingers, and begging for semen.
Men who flock to Cheris’s body one after another. All of her female holes were pierced by her erection, her hands grabbed a meat stick, and her face and other parts of her body were smeared with penis and cloudiness.
A masochistic princess whose true nature is revealed by the boar taint that makes her feel like pleasure. The girl falls into a pet doll that serves as a meat stick, which is the most depressing existence ….