Shuumatsu Hospital episode 1


A hospital ward, where things are usually calm and quiet. But one night, all hell broke loose when Misuzu Akao, the master of discretion, got caught in a sneaky act. She was discreetly pocketing a reward from some shady character. And let me tell you, that was just the beginning of this wild ride. Misuzu Akao, the queen of playing it cool, found herself caught red-handed in a peculiar situation. She was slickly pocketing some cash from a mysterious figure, leaving her colleagues scratching their heads. But hold up, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Misuzu had a whole secret world that was about to blow their minds wide open. Rika Souhama, Mie Nakamaru, and Misuzu Akao, all working together on a night shift. It was just another ordinary night, until an urgent message landed in their laps. Something fishy was going on, and their skepticism hit the roof. Rika, fueled by curiosity, decided to play detective and follow Misuzu on her rounds. She left her fiancé, Shinichi, the resident doctor. In those dimly lit corridors, Rika’s steps echoed with anticipation. She sneaked her way to a private room where Mie’s fiancé lay sick. And boy, oh boy, what she saw behind that closed door was like a scene straight out of a porn. It was a truth bomb that would rock their professional and personal relationships. The night that started like any other had turned into a whirlwind of unexpected situations.