Heartful Maman The Animation episode 1


Mao Kinosaki lost her mother when she was in junior high school and lived with her father (beginning).
However, her father suddenly leaves the house as soon as Mao enters college.
She left only a note that she shouldn’t worry–
then four years later, Mao was about to graduate, but she
still couldn’t recover from her mother’s death and was in the form of gynophobia. I was dragging with.

One day.
Her father’s ex returned to her home with her remarriage partner.
Shiori Arima was an ideal mother, not only for her appearance but also for her personality.
Mao is confused by her sudden start of living with her new mother.
Shiori wraps her true life with her natural brightness and kindness.
As she interacts with her, Mao is gradually attracted to her as a woman rather than her mother.
She noticed that what was Shiori’s action she took?