JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 1


Shiori-chan is a cheeky JK, and Yui-chan is a serious girl. The two are close cousins.
Shiori-chan, who has no relatives, is taken care of by Yui-chan’s house, and she is also working part-time with Yui-chan at a convenience store where her uncle is hired and she is the store manager.
Shiori-chan is sick of the shocking event that happened at such a part-time job.
“Old man, what are you looking at?”

Shiori-chan, who is cheeky and cheeky, to her uncle, Yoshihiro, who glances at Yui-chan’s skirt while handling the cargo.

Yoshihiro’s patience bag, which wants to discipline Shiori-chan, who is cheeky only for herself, has run out.

Contrary to its cheeky appearance, it’s easier to deceive a naive Shiori-chan than to lift a baby.
“Determine whether to go to the police or suck”

It is effective for Shiori-chan, who is seriously seeking independence for a scholarship.

Yoshihiro throws a crazy meat stick into his cheeky mouth and is intoxicated with the pleasure of humiliating his cheeky JK niece.