JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 5


Mao who is a mom of erotic cute serious girl JK Yui and aunt of erotic cute lotus leaf JK Shiori.
She looks and is young, unlike JK’s mother, and she is still active in insurance solicitation today. However, I’m worried about it lately ……… I’m worried about her
beloved younger brother, “Yoshihiro,” the store manager who was hired at a convenience store. I can’t.
It was the other day that I visited with a lot of momentum. There was Yoshi-kun, who was about to lock and go home, and his daughters, Yui and Shiori, a niece.
Mao who holds back has a tough face. That doesn’t mean anything to JK Friends, and
Mao-san’s eyes didn’t even see them, only her younger brother, Yoshihiro.

On the other hand, Yui and Shiori are misunderstanding the appearance of Mao-san.
That’s exactly what Shiori was indebted to, and the reality of having a squirrel with her uncle was very, very
painful … Yui staring at Shiori who was so sadly depressed … was a big laugh. ..
“Buhaha, Shi-chan, what are you talking about, squeaky squirrels?”