JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 6


It was good until Mao-san, the mom of JK Yui-chan, a serious girl with erotic cuteness, and Mao-san, the aunt of JK Shiori-chan, her beloved younger brother, was forced to get hooked by her beloved younger brother, Yoshihiro. To the sudden sudden change, both Yoshihiro and JK Friends were stunned … ”
Yoshi-kun, you told me to stop.”
It was different from my sister Mao-san …
“I’m sorry … I’ve committed my sister …”
Yoshihiro’s excuse for becoming a hebo store manager who couldn’t even look at him was
“That ‘s … It’s okay, but it’s my sister. ”
Mao-san, who suddenly came out. It was JK Friends who was watching the live broadcast of the live broadcast that felt indescribable fear on the feet of Mao who digs up the memory of Yoshihiro
. Shiori-chan of Lotus Leaf
JK was completely nailed to Mao-san, a mama sister who is completely de S. On the other hand, not only did I make a mistake because of my ingenuity, but Yui-chan, a serious girl with a hungry black who had been brilliantly confused, saying, ” I
thought it was Yui anyway.” After that … Shiori-chan was working hard as usual, but when Mao-san got angry and hit eight, Yoshihiro took the same pose to get closer to Mao-san, who was longing for it. But ……… “No, stop it, Guess, it’s different, stupid.”

It wasn’t going to work so well, and Dojikko Shiori-chan was brilliantly revenge and was preyed on by Yoshihiro …