Enjo Kouhai episode 1


Now that the declining birthrate has become more serious, it has become necessary to consolidate schools with different races.
The elf princess, Iris, has moved to Hakobune Gakuen as a model case.
She was a well-behaved and picture-perfect iris, but she had a problem.
Please pour the teacher’s offspring here as well ♪
The nationally established mating system with subhumans, commonly known as “assistance”.
It was her teacher who was chosen to support the elf, a female-only race.
She is a serious student and a beautiful elf princess.
Making a child with her was a duty set by the country.
A teacher who struggles with her actions with an innocent and pretty iris.
However, she asked for her “help” with her pure eyes …
Countermeasures against declining birthrate beyond the boundaries of races !!
Are you ready for your offspring?