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Seikou! Lose A Virgin For The First Term episode 1

Azusa and Saori are best friends. She is enjoying her school life very well.
But Saori is more active when it comes to SEX. She has sex with her boyfriend, Eto, in the basketball club almost every day.
Inspired by such Saori, it seems that Azusa, who was in the back, suddenly woke up to sex.

Azusa’s choice isn’t the handsome guy, but Shimoda-kun, who looks like a nerdy and nerdy guy.
Azusa’s SEX lesson starts for Shimoda-kun.
At first it was Azusa who couldn’t proceed to the actual production, but finally Kimoota Shimoda-kun and the first etch …

Then, Azusa who transforms into an erotic bancho at the boundary!
How far can you withstand Azusa’s SEX attack Kimoota Shimoda !?