Kenka shita imouto to nandakanda de sono ato mechakucha sekkusu shita



As of late, your little sister has been a bit irritable towards you.
Turns out however that she just loves you and can’t express her feelings well!
One day, the two of you have a big fight and the result is… hardcore make up sex!!

Deep kissing, titty-jobs, cumshots in the mouth, bareback sex, squirting, convulsions, creampie and gapeface galore!


She does it all for you, all in her school (sailor) uniform!

Floaty skirt, breast fondling and more all rendered in a cute and erotic realistic hybrid 3D animation style!

Her voice is so energetic, the realism, the impact, her lipsyncing is nicely in time with the erotic voice! The lewd wet sounds are too!