Chu Shite Agechau: Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou episode 2


“Treatment, let’s do it.”
Yu, who speaks the magical words that openly squeeze Akira-chan, increased her monopoly point … but the world is not so sweet.
It was her childhood friend, Sana, who gently peeped at the sloppy appearance of Yu Nuku, who was entwined with the obscenity and squeezed with a honey pot.
“Lie … Yu-neesan with Akira … with such a face …”
Sana-chan’s hand, which keeps staring at her, is naturally stretched over her pubis … , I jumped out with her forgotten thing.
She stood up only now, and Sana-chan appeared in front of Akira-chan.
“Wow, I can do as much as treatment.”
Sana-chan, who started sucking momentum while turning bright red, went out of control to her first experience at once.
Sana-chan actually fulfills her love feelings, and it’s Kimika-sensei who appears at the right time for a while.
“Muu, Akira-kun, you’re leaving me alone and getting treatment from everyone.” Kimika
-sensei, who pushes Sana-chan, who is surprised on Akira-chan’s waist, forcibly robs her of her cock and honey. I tighten it with an overflowing honey jar …
However, Yu-san, who came back from such a situation, is staring at me …