Chu Shite Agechau: Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou episode 1


A beautiful, intelligent, and erotic cute female doctor, Kimika Tachibana, was staring at Akira standing in front of her.
A junior college student, Yu Yonomiya, a female teacher with outstanding style, said, “I want you to see Akira-chan, who is a childhood friend and wants to take care of various things, because she is in trouble because she does not have hair.” I was receiving it.
However, Kimika-sensei licks Akira-chan, who is more striking than expected, with a different line of sight.
“You can’t see him without seeing it. You don’t have to be shy because this is a hospital.”
Kimika, who smiles gently, forces the boy to act embarrassingly and courageously. Behind it, swirling the desire to aim for prey fiercely …
“It’s really slippery.”
Kimika, who looks at the cute turtleneck, casually lifts the glans and messes around …
It’s too torture for an adolescent boy. When he notices the stimulus, Akira looks down while exposing his squirming squirrel while pouring his despised gaze.
Kimika, who sighs grandly, turns her sadistic gaze toward Akira, saying,
“I just had a medical examination … I wonder if I made a strange mistake.”
Kimika pierces with a cold gaze. Akira-chan is getting more and more atrophied by her teacher.
At that moment, Kimika-sensei’s line of sight suddenly changes to a ferocious female doctor who is instinctively exposed!
When she sucks on Akira’s frightened cock, she just slurps out of sight of the priority student waiting outside her door.