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Yobai Suru Shichinin no Harame episode 2

Tomorrow, who is sick, has few days to go to school, so she couldn’t make many friends and was often alone.
She was also looking forward to the day when she was constantly told about her Masaya by her late father and met her ideal brother, Masaya.
Faced with Masaya, Kirara Asuka was delighted to be the ideal brother he had envisioned.

That innocent affection makes Kirara aware that she is a woman, not her sister, and confuses Masaya.
It is an honor for a woman living on the island to have a child of her husband.

The tradition of ○○○ born from such an idea …….
Masaya has a relationship with the women on the island.

Knowing this, Kirara Asuka had two thoughts, “I want her to be loved as a younger sister” and “I want her to be loved as a woman.”