Yobai Suru Shichinin no Harame episode 1


A sweet dream will come tonight …

The sweet smell drifting from the room. Masaya was dreaming.
It wasn’t just a dream, it was about a woman I just met approaching indecently …

One day, Masaya, who grew up in a single-mother family, receives a letter saying that her father, who had been out of touch, has disappeared and that she has a half-sister.
Confused, he headed to his father’s home island to confirm his facts.
Yuno Miyakura, the sender of the letter, wants him to succeed the father of Masaya who died and become the head of this island.
She couldn’t come to a conclusion on the crazy story, but she decided to stay as a doctor on this island, a non-medical village.
And Masaya will have a lustful dream almost every day from that night.

Masaya who came to the beach to wake up the afterglow of a horny dream meets Maki Momose there.
Maki takes a cold attitude toward Masaya. She is made aware that not everyone in the village welcomes Masaya.

And the night comes.
It was Maki Momose who appeared with a sweet scent.