Mihitsu no Koi episode 1


We got Yukina and Risa, these tight besties with some secret desires goin’ on. Yukina’s all sporty and serious, a real tsundere. And her bestie Risa seems all plain and modest, but don’t let appearances fool ya. These girls got some hidden depths. Risa’s got herself a thing goin’ on with this older dude, and when they’re alone, they dive headfirst into some wild and naughty stuff. Yukina, she can’t stand Risa’s boyfriend ’cause she thinks he’s playin’ her friend. But damn, she can’t help but be curious and intrigued by all the lewd action goin’ on.  Things start to change when Yukina sees how caring and attentive this guy is to Risa. Suddenly, she starts thinkin’ maybe he ain’t so bad after all. In fact, he’s like the freakin’ ideal boyfriend she wishes she could have for herself! Then one rainy day, fate throws Yukina and Risa’s boyfriend together, all alone and stuff. And, man, the atmosphere is just too intense to resist. they both give in to their own desires and have themselves a real intimate moment. As their relationship gets more complicated, Yukina starts seein’ the whole messy complexity of love unfold right before her eyes.