Mihitsu no Koi episode 2


Yunika, caught up in some unexpected shit with her bestie Risa’s man, gets caught in a web of forbidden relationship. She knows it’s all kinds of fucked up, but damn, she can’t resist that same wild thrill she sees in Risa’s messed-up and indulgent state… Their study sessions with Risa become the perfect cover for their dirty little rendezvous. One day, while Risa’s off making tea, Yunika hops on her man’s lap and lets him have his way with her. It’s a sight that goes against her usual man-hating vibes, but fuck, she can’t deny the overwhelming desire that’s consuming her. The guilt she feels towards Risa takes a backseat to her insatiable lust… In the middle of this twisted mess, the three of them plan a wild trip to a hot spring. Little do they know, they’ll be diving headfirst into a world of forbidden pleasure that’ll leave them all craving for more…