Hypnotized By A Caband Girl In The Shadows, With A Climax Piston Part-time Job, Overcoming Shyness Training


Japanese Title: 陰キャバンド少女に催眠して、絶頂ピストンで接客アルバイト人見知り克服修業中

Alternative: RJ01006783

One day, I saw a new clerk at my favorite live music club. A frightened attitude. She was scared of the customer service. No, no, no. …… If you don’t do something, she will be fired! Once you’ve decided to do so,…… you offer your help to the part-time girl. If you have a lot of experience in customer service, it’s not a big deal,……. With that said, you hypnotize the part-time girl and the …… H-hard practice of customer service begins. The first is a hypnotic H animation with a girl who is a shy person. Her personality is shady, but her body is great! Let’s fuck this girl in the doggy position!