Jukujo no Tadareta Seishun ~Mada Mada Onna o Suteta Wake ja Nai no yo?~ PLAY MOVIE


Japanese:熟女の爛れた性春~まだまだオンナを捨てたわけじゃないのよ?~ PLAY MOVIE


Aoi and Naho were childhood friends. Despite having different personalities and thoughts, they both ended up falling for the same person, showcasing their similar tastes. Aoi, the reserved type, and Naho, the open-minded one, supported and accompanied each other throughout their youth.

One day, after a long time apart, they decided to meet up for drinks. It was during this encounter that Naho abruptly asked Aoi, “By the way… have you been having sex lately?”

Taken aback, Aoi responded, “Why are you asking all of a sudden!?”

“Well, calm down. Listen, don’t you think our prime years are slipping away? We’re nearing our late forties, and this could be our last chance to truly indulge ourselves. Why not enjoy as much sex as we can get?” Naho suggested, unabashedly.

Although Aoi felt a sense of guilt, in the end, she gave in to the persuasions of her childhood friend. From that point forward, the two of them immersed themselves in various activities, such as picking up younger individuals or attending group blind dates. Their shared experiences awakened their dormant desires, and they began a journey to savor the pleasures of youth before it was too late.