Sekirara Touhikou ~Inkya Shoujo to Waisetsu Kuruma Tabi~ The Motion Anime


Story of bullied girl and a middle-aged man who looks like an office worker. The journey of escape by car, just the two of them, begins.
However, starting with the rotor act tied to the seat, before they knew it, they was absorbed in obscenity on the way. Obscene acts in the car, Parked streets, riverbeds, gas stations, service areas, Public toilets, motels, etc.,
the obscene car trip continues. Through such obscene acts, the relationship between the two should deepen, The secrets they hold are hard to reveal.
Why is the girl reluctant to go home? How much cash does a middle-aged man have in his bag? Will the day come when Sekirara will talk about it?