Bloods Inraku no Ketsuzoku 2 episode 1


Twin sister Misaki. The second daughter of the Saginomiya family, who bears the blood of fate that only reacts to her family.
She had an alliance with her brother, Shun, who hates her blood, but she finds out that Shun had masturbated her sister, Kayo.
“I’m angry,”
Misaki glares at him and approaches Shun.
“I don’t say anything if you accept it, but … it’s creepy and unpleasant.” The
words that I spit out involuntarily make me more depressed than I expected.

“Because I’m not worried about it … just because I wasn’t saying it …”
In a depressed room, Misaki was ashamed to force her to help with sexual processing on behalf of her sister. To consent.
“Oh, it’s my fault … That’s why.”
Misaki holds her twin brother Shun’s cock firmly.
She was Misaki stubbornly resisting the fate of her blood, but … the body inevitably responded to her feelings coming down her left hand while turning her face away.