Bloods Inraku no Ketsuzoku 2 episode 2


Shun’s sister, Kayo, who will be the head of the next Saginomiya family.
She has used her hands to handle the stubborn stubbornness that cannot withstand the blood of her clan, and has comforted her while handling it with her feet …
but on the other hand, I cannot help feeling the hot flashes of her own body. I can’t do it.
“No … if Shun knows this feeling …” Her
true intention to hide her desperately heats her limbs with a plump femininity.

However, an unbelievable spectacle projected in front of Kayo … “Ah, my brother, I’m mean …” Misaki, dressed in a dog cosplay, crawls on all fours and deeply accepts the
steep ichimotsu . Her appearance, pretending to be her anal vibrator and begging sharply, is the female who is drowning in her lust … Rather, Kayo who is shocked by the steepness that she was hiding from herself. Since she can’t believe Shun’s words, she finally puts it in her mouth … jealousy. “Oh, there will be Misaki in you …” The truth that pierces her beloved younger brother who approaches while filling her cock …. Kayo vomits with a crying face like a sullen girl instead of the face that killed her usual emotions … Shun gently fills her cock …