Fighting of Ecstasy episode 2


“Female Ninja Miserable”
Shien, a descendant of a ninja, is taken hostage by her sister, Beniha, by an organization that has infiltrated at the request of the police.
The way to escape from her organization was to win an underground martial arts competition.
However, color blame is delivered one after another to her body affected by her aphrodisiac gas.
Supported by her strong sense of mission to help her sister, Shien finally continued to endure, but she was finally teased by two Androids from behind her from the front …!
The non-resisting public ○○ became more intense, and the next blame for the organization was Toji, who was once a longing senior of Shien, and her younger sister, Kouha.
The two, who became puppets seeking only pleasure due to the brainwashing of the tissue, further blamed Shien, who became hypersensitive.
In the midst of regret and pleasure, Shien was losing his ego …