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Oni Chichi 2 episode 1

Kendo club, jujube of hakama daughter. She has three other daughters. Although it is a father-son family with only one father, he was surrounded by cute and mature daughters …

Kenichi, who is hurt by a crude and cheeky daughter, does not listen and is a problem child from his colleague’s teacher. In order to educate the recognized jujube, he aims after the Kendo club activities and covers it with a hakama-shaped jujube … A jujube surprised by the humiliation of his father, Kenichi. Her petite and childish body couldn’t resist anything … A beast stick that was rolled up in her bodice and forced to pry open and bury the buds that were still young. I can’t even cry, and I can plant the seeds of immorality … ”

Oh, you … I don’t want to do this kind of playful thing to my daughter.” . Do you want other sisters to get lost on the street even though they are adopted daughters? “