Fighting of Ecstasy episode 1


“Woman Fighter Sanka”
The invincible fighting queen, Black Rose, has flowed to the underground fighting ground in search of a stronger opponent.
Her bet wasn’t fulfilled because she was too strong, and the host organization of the troubled underground martial arts competition created a vicious android.
The queen, who has always won, collapses in front of the overwhelmingly strong android.
She is humiliated spanking, shyly licking her crotch, and even stripped of her costume …
The Queen, who is not accustomed to being blamed, can’t stand the punishment play in front of a large crowd, and she gradually reveals her true nature ….
In order to make Rose, who has revealed her masochistic constitution, more abusive, the organization will perform remodeling surgery on the fighter that Rose once kicked her.
Rose is hurt, strangled, teased, vomited and fainted by her intense fighting attack. And the public ○○ show will continue …