Spocon! episode 2


En Terashima was welcoming a gloomy morning that only sighed.
The cause is the sight in front of me. Tsujii is surrounded by girls and has a face that is not completely satisfied with the situation of Mote Mote.
Yen, who had longed for Tsujii as a coach and transferred to another school, was deeply saddened that he wouldn’t look at himself at all.

At the Kyudo hall, Yen keeps shooting a bow to confirm his feelings for Tsujii.
Days with Tsujii that come to mind one after another. And Yen realizes that he loves Tsujii more than as a coach, as a man.
At that time, the door of the Kyudo hall opened vigorously, and the person I wanted to meet most suddenly appeared.

However, the yen is not happy and runs away from the spot …