Spocon! episode 1


Shower room for sweating after exercise. But what I heard was not the sound of the shower water.
Two men and women in the shower room. The woman is serving the man’s penis.
The man’s name is Tatsuya Tsujii. He is a genius athlete who once produced results in all areas of sports.

And now, I have just taken a step as a teacher to nurture the younger generation.
However, while she was looking around the club activities, she was taken to the shower room by Kazumi Shinohara, the director of the swimming club.
Tatsuya, who is a sports enthusiast, could not resist the temptation of Kazumi. Kazumi uses her mouth and hands to play with her Tatsuya’s penis.
Tatsuya was so impressed that he rubbed his sharp penis against Kazumi’s body wrapped in a swimsuit and ejaculated.
Tatsuya regrets having dabbled with his students while being swept away.

But this couldn’t have ended with a one-time mistake.
Kamikatsu Gakuen is an elite school for sports, and the outcome of club activities is directly reflected in the position within the school.
Therefore, in order to invite the genius athlete Tatsuya as an adviser, the directors of each department fought a strenuous battle.