Ikusa Otome Suvia episode 1


The crisis of world collapse was imminent — all the beginnings began with the betrayal of the deity Loki. Although Loki is a deity, he joins the hands of the giants and the Meifu tribe, and begins to invade the world Asgard where the gods live. Finally, even the main Odin of the world is captured.
However, Odin refuses to succumb to Loki and conversely seals the water source of the world tree that supports the world and tries to kill the world tree.
He said, “If you don’t want to perish together, release me.” The death of the world tree means the end of the world. Although Loki and his friends were in trouble, the gate that seals the water source has a key to break the seal, and that key is the pure virgin of War Maidens Svia and Sigurd who still resist stubbornly in heaven. Find out that it is sealed in the womb.
“If you defile his maiden, the seal will be broken and the key will be pulled out of the womb!”
“We have a grudge against his maiden! Let’s get rid of the giant and his
genus Mara!” The tentacles of the fall of the tentacles can defile his maiden! ”
Thus, under the command of Loki again, the evil gangster who traps Svia and Sigurd creeps up on the hero of Valkyrie, the last hope of the gods …!