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Shin Hitou Meguri episode 1

Scary people come and yell at Katsuragi-so, a travel pavilion run by Aunt Tsubaki every day.
He appeared there. He’s a detective …
He uses his room instead of a workplace, and he has an atmosphere of acquaintance with Mr. Tsubaki.
When I was JC, I was left to look for my mother’s man.
It was a little nice to take a break from the city when I came to an old town and had no fun, but …
I always make fun of him, and my feelings are a little … just a little. Hehe … It looks like an idiot.
I didn’t think there was such a thing … If it was like that … I felt like this from the beginning …
…… That person is coming to my room today. I’m an apprentice of a young landlady, and when I finish my work, it always comes.

It’s good to soothe me who dislikes me. I like the bullishness of complaining. …Stupid.
That person’s hands carelessly tampering with the sweaty body at the end of work. Grab your boobs and pick up your nipples painfully.
Don’t take off your shorts, just screw them in from the side. I don’t like things that I don’t like no matter how many times I do it.
However, contrary to my feelings, my body gets hot and moisturized … I
wonder when, while cleaning the bath, he was forced into me, pushed up violently, and polluted
… I have to go back to work, I wiped that person’s scent, started working with a strange face, but I react sensitively to that person’s scent that remains faintly even though I’m at work The body of that person … Even though he is in front of me …
The shape of that person carved into his body, the taste that he was taught … To the woman that he likes … I wonder if I will change …