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Reunion episode 2

Maho is a ruthless and ruthless sister to her brother Yuji.
She got up XX this morning without hesitation with a single kick. Her swearing greetings are usual.
Maho is aware of her relationship with her Yuji and her Riei …

On the other hand, Riei’s feelings are endlessly solicited … During class, when she calls Yuji, she has sex in the changing room.
“I’m sorry. Call me …” She apologizes, but the act never stops … To be frightened by something, to escape from something, Riei is absorbed in the relationship with Yuji.
She didn’t realize that the price was too high.

In the afternoon, the school corridor. Riei is thrown a stern look from Maho.
And the sad feelings of Maho that are emitted by passing each other.
“… Think about Yuu,”
Riei walks away from Maho’s words that resonate with her.
Riei was upset because she couldn’t care about the student who was skeptical.
“… I like it so much … It’s so painful …” As if to shake off everything, Riei’s feelings grow too big …
And Maho seems to react to the size of those feelings. The body of Yuji was in agony and gently embraced it …