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Kininaru Kimochi episode 3

“This is the cause! This bra is bad …”
“What? What’s wrong with that bra?”
“Hey. You said I often get molested on the train? I finally figured out the cause. “? ”

A locker room with busy working hours, which is the same as usual.
It is said that the seemingly ordinary cute bra worn by a colleague is a cursed bra that always encounters a molester …

“Looking back, you will be molested only on the day you wear this bra.”
“That bra Isn’t it cursed by any chance? ”

” … If so, would you exchange it for me? ”

” Yoko, are you okay? Wearing such a bra … ”
” Okay. Okay. ”
” Maybe you’re really molested. ”
Because I’m not commuting by train.”

The open elevator door. It is full only today. Besides, only men …

“What’s wrong? Yoko. Your face is red.”
“Eh …? Ah … Uh … yeah …”
“Someone is touching my ass …!

Hey, that girl in the accounting department is being molested.”
“Seriously !? Did you say Yoko-chan?”
“Okay, everyone, don’t disturb anyone!”

The air in a closed room that changes drastically in an instant …
Yoko at the mercy of an elevator with no escape.

“No, no … please stop! No!”
“What’s wrong? Yoko! What are you doing?”
“Oh … Yoko, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing …”
“Sorry, I’m out!”

“No, no. Please don’t put it inside! “