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Kininaru Kimochi episode 4

Morning assembly of the president in the morning at a busy, very general general trading company.
“Good morning”
The usual scenery, the usual greetings. “It’s very regrettable
, but our company will go bankrupt today.”
That’s stupid! It’s too abrupt!

The company’s idol Nishizaki summoned her longing chief to the hot water supply room.
Nishizaki confesses that she has to say it because she is now. I really want to say …
“I’ve always liked the chief.”
The chief was surprised to hear that,
“Nishizaki-kun, actually I too …”
(Lie, the chief also liked my child, Happy)
“I dreamed of having sex with you in the hot water supply room!”
The gentlemanly, longing attitude of the chief changed completely! “I had a dream of committing you
in the back!” I wonder if H with the chief is over … Suddenly another male employee is there! “Wait a minute! It’s not just the chief who wants to have sex with Mr. Nishizaki!” (What are you talking about?) “Okay, I just thought I wasn’t enough. ” I’ll be with you. ” (Are you still doing it? 3P ~?)

(Hmm … I can’t do it anymore …)
A lot of male employees running into the hot water supply room where Nishizaki and his friends are tired of being 3P!
“Hey! It seems that Mr. Nishizaki will make memories in the hot water supply room!”
“I want to dream of being able to do it with Mr. Nishizaki!” “… Hey! Everyone! Why is this happening

How many people are there …)
(The holes there and here are closed … I have time to rest …)
Before I knew it, it developed into a farewell party that involved the entire company
… Anyway … ohhhhhhhhhhh! “