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Kininaru Kimochi episode 1

knock Knock. Kacha …
“Excuse me.”
Rikako Sawada greeted her when she opened the door of a room in the building.
“I’m Rikako Sawada, who came to your interview.”
“Oh … Mr. Sawada. I’ve been waiting.”
The manager who replied to her slowly approached.
“Then, which uniform can you change to
?” “What is this?”
The manager has an elevator girl’s uniform …
“In my case, I’m not going to use this uniform unless it suits me.”

“Welcome . Everyone. Our club, today’s elevator girl is this girl. ”
While many men were waiting in a dark separate room, the manager spoke to them.
“She is an ordinary girl who was deceived by a fake advertisement.”

“If you like it, please enter and wait on each floor.” The
waiting men stare at the monitor.

“I’ll let you participate.”
“Me too.”
Pon … Pon … Buttons that are pressed one after another.

“Then the game is about to start.”

“I wonder if I was fooled by this kind of dressed interview …”
Gatan! An elevator that suddenly starts moving! Rikako is confused.
“Huh? It’s started to move …”

Rikako is upset by the man who opens the door and gets in.
“What should I do, a person has come on board!”

The manager’s announcement echoed.
“Mr. Sawada, the interview passed. Then, please do your best at work.”
“D !?”

A man suddenly attacked Rikako, who was confused because she didn’t understand the meaning of the announcement!
“No … no! What are you doing !?”
Rikako struggles to escape when she hears a rough man breathing up close.
“Oh … oh. Finally, I’m longing for Elega and

“Oh! No, no!” “No, why don’t you open it! Help someone.”