Prostitution Activity of a Runaway Lolita Girl


In this thought-provoking and controversial animated short film, explore the dark and unsettling world of a runaway Lolita girl engaged in the dangerous underground activity of prostitution. Titled 【動く】生・家出ロリ少女のP活〜私を買ってください〜 (Alternative: RJ01057140), this film delves into the stark realities and challenges faced by vulnerable individuals in society.

Follow the harrowing journey of a young girl who, after running away from home, finds herself caught in the web of exploitation. Through captivating visuals and emotive storytelling, witness the girl’s struggle for survival as she navigates a treacherous landscape where her innocence becomes a commodity.

With a runtime of 6 minutes, this animated film packs a powerful punch, shedding light on the unsettling themes of exploitation, vulnerability, and the consequences of societal neglect. Produced by the esteemed animation studio めちゃアニメ, this project pushes the boundaries of storytelling and aims to raise awareness about the issues faced by marginalized individuals.

Prepare to be emotionally moved and confronted by the stark realities depicted in Prostitution Activity of a Runaway Lolita Girl. This film challenges viewers to question societal norms, compassionately explore the struggles of those often overlooked, and spark meaningful discussions about the complexities of human exploitation.