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Kininaru Kimochi episode 2

An elevator for a young married woman. A middle-aged office worker who rushed there.
“I’m sorry.”

The elevator suddenly stopped. Trapped married woman and office worker.
“You’ve been completely trapped … we’re …”
“The emergency line doesn’t work … it may stay like this until morning.”

The two with melancholy expressions.
“… I was hit by a drumstick. I was always secretly throwing away the trash in the middle of the night.”

“No wife. I was the one who hit the drumstick.”
“Actually, every time I see my wife, I’m naked. I was imagining. ”
A stunned married woman … A middle-aged office worker who continues. “Even in this situation, I’m imagining my wife’s dick
using the seams and wrinkles of jeans .” “To the dick !? It’s entwined with jeans … That ‘s the imagination. ” ” I’m already inserted in your imagination …? ” A married woman who ends up … “That’s right. Would you like to commit your wife here by the way?” “Well … wait! You can’t do that!” “Hey, how about your wife? ”

“Ah … good, good …! It feels good …”