Shinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove Elf


Japanes title: らぶらぶエルフと子作り新婚性活♪

* Your hot, babymaking sex life with a beautiful silver-haired elf … begins *

You were stranded in the mountain forest.
When your legs gave out,
you lost consciousness, and woke up on a bed
in a sequestered little room.

A young woman lay next to you.
She was a beautiful elf with silver hair
and flawlessly smooth skin.

“I can’t risk other humans finding out
about this place, so you can never leave.
You’re welcome to stay with me.”

To save you she gave a part of her own life.

“If you want to repay me, put a new life inside me……”

So begins life together with your bride, the beautiful Yumina,
in a secret haven in the wild.

* 3DCG Movie