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Nurse Me! episode 2

The trials of Yumi Asakura, a nurse candidate, continue.
It is rumored that she went to a hotel with Miura, the director of surgery, and she touches the reverse scale of her chief nurse, Etsuko Kawai. Etsuko makes her Yumi wear a tight uniform and work without her underwear. She and she had her appendicitis patient, Yamamoto’s pubic shave. Meanwhile, Yumi is attacked by Yamamoto. However, such a pinch is helped by her senior nurse, Sanae Murota. And Yumi is lesbian, and she spends the night with Sanae, who has her favor with Yumi. Yumi who burns in lesbian SEX with Sanae. However, they had no way of knowing that Etsuko and Miura’s magical hands were approaching.

This is a story of the efforts and guts of nurse candidate Yumi Asakura.