Stretta The Animation episode 1


“Or Mononoke”
Luma is in the middle of H with a male student at the physical education warehouse, watching over his classmate Okada ♪
Licking the semen on his face, but still unsatisfactory Luma calls many people to the physical education warehouse and handjobs to blowjobs as well as production … Finally a big orgy using even hair !!

“Special service”
When you order a “special menu” from Mikura who works part-time at a coffee shop, you become a naked apron and serve the main character’s things !? After a blowjob Mikura, who is crazy about playing, eventually takes off even the apron and sits down from himself … ♪

“Purikura Photo Session”
Kirishima tries to shoot H Purikura while watching Tsuchiya.
While taking off one by one and shooting, the dick became lonely, and finally the embarrassing place to be inserted became a super doup and full view shooting play.