Toaru Boukensha (Party) no Zenmetsu Report Case. 1 Orc ni Koibito Shimai o Okasareta Mahoutsukai The Motion Anime


Japanese:とある冒険者(パーティ)の全滅レポート case.1 オークに恋人姉妹を●された魔法使い The Motion Anime


He who escaped the orcs and made it back to the guild has a horrific tale to tell…

The protagonist, Leon, is a wizard in a certain adventurer party. Together with his lover Agnes, a monk in the same party, and her sister Noel, a warrior, they set out to defeat some orcs.

The request should have been a simple one, but the party finds themselves surrounded by multiple orcs and in a dire situation. To make matters worse, Leon’s magic won’t activate for some reason, and Noel sacrifices herself as a decoy and is captured by the orcs. Agnes, the monk, also struggles to protect Leon, but…

In front of Leon, who is helplessly caught by the orcs, his lover and her sister are mercilessly violated…!!