Three times a week with my wife Motion Comic


Japanese Title: サレ妻と、週3で。 モーションコミック版

Akane is a married woman who has been married for three years. Despite wanting children, she is troubled by the fact that she and her husband have been experiencing a sexless marriage for a year. To make matters worse, she discovered that her husband, whom she thought was simply busy with work, was having an affair with a younger woman. Unable to confide in anyone, Akane sought solace by posting on social media as a so-called “cheated wife” to distract herself from her feelings.

One day, a friend recommended a nearby yoga gym to Akane, and she decided to give it a try. The personal trainer, Hayakawa, was a refreshing and attractive man who was popular among married women. However, Akane prided herself on being virtuous and faithful, and she held a deep contempt for the act of cheating, so she didn’t succumb to his charms.

Or so she thought…

Unbeknownst to her, as Hayakawa pretended to empathize with her troubles and closed the distance between them, Akane gradually found herself succumbing to his advances, her dormant desires awakening. She tried to convince herself that it wasn’t cheating, repeating it like a mantra.

And now, the moment has finally arrived…

“Instead of the gym, why don’t we take care of ourselves in a more…dirty place? It’s okay, we can just have a drink and talk leisurely,” Hayakawa proposed, closing the gap between them, feigning concern for her worries.