Taboo ~Psychiatrist and Wounded Girl~ The Motion Anime


She–Mizuki Hiiragi–was lying face down in the examination room that day. She was not responding to my attempts to counsel her with her empty, lightless eyes. She used to be a member of the cheerleading club at school, and her bright smile used to charm everyone who saw her. However, she is no longer anywhere to be seen. She has become the victim of a tragic assault by a stalker. She has been broken, and I am proud to be a psychiatrist. I wanted to help her recover at any cost…that’s what I strongly thought. —And a few months later… She finally began to smile again. Rehabilitation from trauma is unimaginably painful. You have to recall the scene that caused the trauma over and over again, down to the last detail, and face it head on. and confront it head-on. She broke down and cried many times. But she finally overcame the pain. It was not through my power as a doctor but by her own unceasing efforts. The treatment at the clinic was coming to an end. –However… At that time, I was faced with her bright and lovely smile. I was strongly seized by a thought that is unbecoming of a doctor. I don’t want to leave her. Such a thought was the reason why I came to ……. However, once the treatment is over, I will never see her again. I would never see her again. What should I do? At that moment, a thought popped into my impatient head. Oh, well…