I want to impregnate my friend’s mother – motion comic version


Japanese Title: 僕は友達のお母さんを孕ませたい。 モーションコミック版 (Watermarked Version)

Alternative: RJ408570

My friend’s mother who is beautiful, neat, and admired. I was secretly in love with my friend Takuya’s mother. Takuya’s mother, Miori, lost her husband several years ago and is now a widow living alone with her son. I was looking forward to meeting Takuya’s mother, so I often went to her house to visit her. However, it was unrealistic for me to go out with my friend’s mother, so I decided to keep my feelings of longing to myself… I wonder if my friend Takuya saw through my longing, or if he was trying to keep men away from his own mother… My friend Takuya introduced me to an application that allowed me to enjoy pseudo sex on the Internet. I gave up on Miori and decided to use this app to seek another encounter. I registered on the app under the name Kay and met an older woman named Mio. We quickly became friends and continued our relationship as sex friends. One day, while we were continuing such a thing. I moved to the bathroom where I could be alone and discovered that my friend’s friend was also in the bathroom of the same house… Yes, that’s right. The other person was actually my friend’s mother, Miori.