Sexy sumo schoolgirls V.S. The champ The motion anime


Sexy sumo schoolgirls V.S. The champ ~Communication with the dead~
People say that you can use the kokkuri board to talk to the dead… Azusa, Sae, and Megu are 3 friends who decide to try this new fad at their school. Supposedly the sumo club room in the abandoned school building has a lot of spiritual energy floating around, so the group decides to test the kokkuri board there. The girls had a lot of fun at first, joking around about sumo in the empty room. But when itcame time to use the board, the unexpected happened — an enormous sumo ghost appeared. And what’s more, he’s a former champion. “I won’t forgive those who show disrespect to sumo” he said. “Let me show you my strength…”