Otome Chibaku Yuugi episode 1


Kaoru Higuchi, the secretary of the student association of “Private Amagai Gakuen”, finally exceeded the limit of reason just before the summer vacation.
“Nanao Miasasaka,” the president of the Student Organization Inside School, who has always despised himself with elementary, junior high, and high school, added sexual XX to him.
It was a humiliation to use her own student council officers to suppress her delicate body scent and force her to ejaculate in front of everyone.
He has endured repeated humiliating acts, but acts beyond that line have ignited his revenge.
Higuchi, who was asking about the timing of the review, witnessed the shoplifting site of Mayu Mizukami, one of the members of the student association, and learned that it had rolled into himself earlier than planned. A chance to double the humiliation …