Boku Wa Chiisana Succubus No Shimobe episode 1

Shogo Miyazaki fell in love with a girl at his part-time job.
One day, he summoned up the courage to confess to her, but her feelings never came to fruition.
Shocked by his heartbreak, Shogo drinks alcohol and quits his part-time job.
In desperation, Shogo can only lie on his bed and suddenly hear the voice of a girl.
Turning to her voice, there was a blonde girl.
Despite her surprise Shogo, she says she met him many times in his dreams.
She straddles Shogo and approaches him.
Shogo withdraws, but is restrained by a mysterious force.
She says her name is Tiffany, a succubus.
Tiffany says that the taste of her broken hearted man is exquisite, and she reaches into Shogo’s crotch and begins to eats him.