Hitozuma, Mitsu to Niku episode 3


[Let’s get physical !! Final story]
Double date for overnight stay. Coupled with the feeling of a resort, males and females with sakari greet each other for hot meat.
However, Takamura and Shimazu are pessimistic because they realize that they will not be the target of their love affairs, but they are proud that they can make them more happy than their young daughters with a married woman’s masterpiece.
After culminating many times, they confirm each other’s intentions and begin serious seeding.

[Reverse Nan PARADISE]
Two people who came to a complex leisure facility rumored to be the so-called reverse Nan heaven (paradise).
When I entered and walked, I was approached by an adult woman from behind and followed me.
When I talk, one purpose is “Yareru”!
At first, they were two virgins who were confused, but after receiving a general instruction and learning everything, they continued to associate with a meat stick and a meat hole as long as their physical strength continued.