Fallen Shrine Maiden ~Sisters Defeated by Tentacles~ The Motion Anime


Japanese:邪道堕ちる巫女〜触手に敗北した姉妹〜 The Motion Anime

Alternative:APCP-007, h_1262apcp00007

For generations, the Bunzuki family has dedicated themselves to eradicating demons. Within the family, two priestesses named ‘Hana Ho’ and ‘Haru Ai’ stand as sisters, one elder and one younger. One fateful day, they receive news that the seal of an evil god has been shattered, prompting Hana Ho to embark on a mission to vanquish it. However, during her valiant attempt, she finds herself ensnared by the sinister god’s tentacles, transforming her into his unwilling servant.

Now bound by an unholy allegiance to the Evil God, Hana Ho returns to the Bungetsu household, leading her beloved sister down a treacherous path towards the malevolent deity.