Anejoku Tsukushi episode 1


Emi, the badass student council president, and her sister Ruka, who’s as popular as a school idol. These two are like the definition of perfection and they got that idol-like vibe going on. But check it, their younger brother Mizuki is just your average, boring student. Poor dude, ever since they were kids, Emi always teased him and Ruka treated him like he was on some strict program.

But yo, here’s where things get wild. Mizuki starts catchin’ feelings for his own sisters. Like, what?! But here’s the thing, Emi and Ruka have no clue about his love for them. Instead, they get all hyped up about the idea of Mizuki becomin’ their lover. They don’t even stop to think about Mizuki’s own feelings, bro.

As time goes on, they start gettin’ all up in Mizuki’s business, lookin’ for a deeper connection with him. And just when Mizuki’s heart starts to bloom, some unexpected sh*t goes down and his happiness gets snatched away from him, just like that.

Seeing her brother all crushed and despairing, Emi can’t handle it no more. She decides to show her true self and goes to extreme lengths to help him out, even if it means sacrificin’ her own comfort and dignity. That’s some real love right there, bro. Emi’s ready to do whatever it takes to bring back that smile on Mizuki’s face, no matter the cost.