Anejoku Tsukushi episode 2


It all started when Mizuki, the cool and perfect student council president, crossed paths with Ema. Sparks flew instantly, igniting a fire that neither of them could resist. Despite Ema’s warning that it would be a one-time thing, Mizuki’s desire burned uncontrollably. Indulging everywhere, anytime, No place was off-limits for their secret rendezvous. Ema’s seductive power overwhelmed Ema, driving them to give in willingly, losing themselves in the intoxicating thrill of it all. Even when Ema tried to regain control, playing the role of the strict onee-san during her”wise moments”, Ema’s pent-up desires refused to back down. The creamy tension built up inside Ema, urging her to seek Mizuki’s touch. In the midst of their undercover affair, a tightly kept secret was exposed. The truth sent shockwaves, taking major turn in their relationship.