Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sekuhara Shinagara Sekai o Sukue episode 4


A brave man and a spirit who knew the truth of the world and knew his true role.
The death of a brave man cannot be changed by meeting the king.
In the face of a future of despair, he imagines a possible future.
Iroha “Now, you’re mine …. Nice to meet you …. Daarin ♪”
If I had lost to Iroha at that time, would I have had a sweet life with her?
Did you spend your days with her earnestly telling her love?
If I had lost to Gurabra at that time, would I have been able to get along with her?
Did you spend enough time to be spoiled by her gentle girlfriend?
But that didn’t happen.
There is a nod next to him, and the two exchange thoughts and deepen their bond.
She made her eternal vow.
…… The journey is about to end.
Declaration of “marriage” from “lover” before the final battle !!
Estrus Usamimi I’ve done a continuous vaginal cum shot with her …
Is there any energy left until tomorrow’s climax?