Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum episode 4


De S Princess Luna Hasor.
As a patron, he hosts the start-up business in the arena, provides the enjoyment of the people, and at the same time has a distorted propensity to love the slaughter of blood spouting and flesh at the point where he was worried and wondering what to do, her beloved sister, Marstal, the red sword of the empire, and the Raikodan’s Rigsion battled, and if so, information was circulated to Rigsion, and even Luna Hasor. I was planning to change it.

Luna Hasor, who appeared in front of Marstal’s pierced eyes, felt the utmost pleasure in the foolery of her beloved sister, and even more fiercely despised her sister, but she should correct it. It was distorted to the strange side of.

Rigsion has been swayed by such a de S princess.
When I approached the distorted Luna who tried to satisfy her desire by kicking her sister,
“Well, this is that, I, maybe, it’s the thing of the lord, I’m being violated.
” The light and delicate body is like holding the air for the brain muscle race, Rigsion, and he thrusts his original buds into the harpoon that stood up in the air …